It is with great pleasure and tons of excitement that I offer you a glimpse into the vast world of flying transitions.

Jason Nemer has been training in L-base flying transitions for many years but not until he was quarantined did he invested the time and dedication to map out 1000 flying transitions

In these live 2.5 hrs workshops scheduled for 17th January 10:00 AM PST & 21st February 2:30 AM PST,  Jason will share the most interesting transitions of the Shins & Shoulderstands and Side Star Universe.

In these workshops you will be able to get the science behind L-base Transitions and get you and your partners to creatively move from one pose to the next.

These workshops are designed for intermediate to advanced practitioners. There will be offered multiple levels so you all can find success and new edges. 

Get them both and save $25!

What is included?

Here are all Workshops that are included in this offer.